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exiv2 cannot read WB RGGB values in ARW files?

Added by Derek Cordeiro about 5 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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I have encountered issues with White Balance reading with tools that depend on exiv2(RawTheraPee). If the ARW image is converted to a DNG, everything works fine. Is this a bug?

derek@derek-pc-local:~/exiv2-0.24$ ./bin/exiv2 pr -pa /Pictures/2014/01/19/_DSC0355.ARW |grep -i rggb
/exiv2-0.24$ exiftool /Pictures/2014/01/19/_DSC0355.ARW|grep -i rggb
WB RGGB Levels : 2152 1024 1024 2156
/exiv2-0.24$ ./bin/exiv2 -V
exiv2 0.24 001800 (64 bit build)
Copyright (C) 2004-2013 Andreas Huggel.


#1 Updated by Robin Mills almost 4 years ago

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Can you provide me with a test file, please? I've found one here: http://www.rawsamples.ch/raws/sony/a100/RAW_SONY_A100.ARW

512 rmills@rmillsmbp:~/Downloads $ dir *.ARW
-rw-r--r--@ 1 rmills  staff   8.7M 10 Sep  2013 RAW_SONY_A100.ARW
513 rmills@rmillsmbp:~/Downloads $ exiv2 -pa -g White RAW_SONY_A100.ARW
Error: Directory SubImage1 with 6496 entries considered invalid; not read.
Exif.SonyMinolta.WhiteBalanceFineTune        Long        1  0
Exif.Sony1MltCsA100.WhiteBalance             Short       1  Cloudy
Exif.Sony1MltCsA100.WhiteBalanceBracketing   Short       1  Low
Exif.Sony1MltCsA100.WhiteBalanceSetting      Short       1  Preset
Exif.Sony1MltCsA100.PresetWhiteBalance       Short       1  Cloudy
Exif.Sony1MltCsA100.WhiteBalanceFineTune     SShort      1  0
Exif.SonyMinolta.WhiteBalance                Long        1  Cloudy
Exif.Photo.WhiteBalance                      Short       1  Manual
514 rmills@rmillsmbp:~/Downloads $ 

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Deferred to v0.26. Insufficient time to deal with this for v0.25.

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I'm going to close this issue as there is very little information. It appears that exiv2 does not read the WhiteBalance RGGB values in ARW file. We have a project scheduled for v0.27 to improve our Raw image support #992.

I've never used RT. I assume it convert ARW to DNG using Adobe's Convertor. For the moment, you'll have to continue to take that route.

#5 Updated by Andreas S. 10 months ago

FYI, the same issue also exists with Nikon (.NEF) files:

exiftool -s -t -WhiteBalance -WhiteBalanceFineTune -ColorTemperature -RedBalance -BlueBalance 2017-09-20_Peru_0202.nef
WhiteBalance    Auto1
WhiteBalanceFineTune    1 0
RedBalance      2.179688
BlueBalance     1.726563

exiv2 -pa 2017-09-20_Peru_0202.nef | grep Balance
Exif.Nikon3.WhiteBalance                     Ascii      13  AUTO1       
Exif.Nikon3.WhiteBalanceBias                 SShort      2  1 0

I've tried to write a python script to generate C source code for darktable white balance presets and I don't find a way to get RedBalance and BlueBalance out of any RAW files I have here with exiv2.

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