Bug #823

CMake compilation: exv_conf.h at the wrong place

Added by Sebastien Gilles almost 7 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:27 Apr 2012
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Target version:0.24


I compiled the code with CMake, and when I include "exiv2.hpp" in my source file I got an error message that the line "#include "exv_conf.h"" in types.hpp failed.

I looked at it and could find the cmake-generated exv_conf.h one folder ahead of src (types.hpp is in src and exv_conf.h is at the same level as src)

I do not know if this is an actual bug or if somehow I did a mistake somewhere in my Cmake configuration.

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S├ębastien Gilles

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#1 Updated by Sebastien Gilles almost 7 years ago

Never mind this one: it was because I used my own CMakeLists in another folder to call yours. Calling yours directly doesn't yield the problem; I'll have to figure out which variable is not correctly defined in the call (I'm pretty novice with Cmake)

Sorry for the inconvenience; however issue #822 remains fully relevant

#2 Updated by Sebastien Gilles almost 7 years ago

No, finally this issue is valid: the compilation goes well when CmakeLists.txt from the root directory is used, but exv_conf.h is one level ahead of src, whereas several header files in src assumes it is also in src directory

#3 Updated by Robin Mills almost 7 years ago

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#5 Updated by Robin Mills about 6 years ago

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I believe this is the same issue as this: http://dev.exiv2.org/issues/849 So, I'm going to mark this resolved.

#6 Updated by Robin Mills over 5 years ago

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Fixed in 0.24.

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