Welcome to the Exiv2 forum!

Added by Andreas Huggel almost 10 years ago

Note that you can receive emails for all posts in the forum or subscribe to individual threads by clicking the Watch icon in the upper right corner (the one on this page is only for this particular thread). Of course this option is only available if you've registered and are signed on. Posting or replying by email is not possible yet, the people at Redmine are still working on this feature.

Before posting here, please read these guidelines.

There is an anonymous user exiv2post/2post2exiv2. It is meant for people who want to post a one-off contribution to the forum. If you use it please leave a name or nickname by which you'd like to be addressed. For anything more than a one-off post, please register. This will allow you to use many more features of this site and to "watch" your thread. (Anonymous posting, i.e., posting without signing-in at all, is disabled, it led to too much spam.)


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